Bookat (boo_kat) wrote in idiotfree,

Grocery Store Tales

These are in response to themachinehead's post earlier.

Some of my old friends used to work at a grocery store. The store was open 24 hours, and most of them had the night shift. Here goes:

One man would get drunk, then wander into the grocery store at 11 or 12, sometimes even 1am. He would always ask to use the restroom, which got locked at 10pm. Employees had to tell him this over and over again. One day, he decided to get back at the store. He wandered back towards the bathroom, maybe to check if it really was locked. As he passed the charcoal brickets, he decides to whip it out and have a go. Thankfully, the brickets soaked most of it up. He wanders out of the store, before anyone notices what happened. One of the stockers found the mess later that night. The man came back to the store and did it two more times. On the third go, they caught him at it and called the cops. Now, who was the bigger idiot: the drunk, or the store for letting him do it so many times?

One night, a very drunk/high/stoned/etc. man came into the store. He seemed very confused, but wasn't bothering anyone. At some point, he wandered to the back of the store, where he climbs into the cold case. (Between the juice and the cheese) He just laid there. Apparently, he thought he was VERY hot. The employees had a hard time getting the guy out of the case. Again: who's more stupid, the guy or the store?
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